Band 5 – 7.5 in IELTS Writing | Advice From an IELTS VIP Student

Band 5 – 7.5 in IELTS Writing | Advice From an IELTS VIP Student

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Two weeks ago, I flew to Cambridge to record this very special video with Andrea, a fantastic student of mine who recently scored an overall Band 8 in her IELTS exam.

Andrea started her IELTS journey one year ago and took the test around 10 times before she got the score she needed to move to the UK.

After a few failed attempts, Andrea discovered that she wasn’t at the required level to get a Band 7+ and came to me for help, working hard to stay motivated and productive. As she mentions in our conversation: “it’s not easy to be disciplined with your studies while managing your frustrations, failures and rejection.”

But in this video, Andrea shares how she managed to do just that^ and finally complete her IELTS journey with a Band 8 overall! It was really amazing getting to meet Andrea and see her finally live out her dream in Cambridge.

In this week’s video, we’ll talk about all the mistakes that caused Andrea to fail her IELTS exam over and over so you can avoid them when you prepare for your test:

0:00 – Meet Andrea
03:01 – Booking your exam before you are ready
08:05 – Taking a general course (with no feedback)
13:15 – Not knowing how the test is evaluated

Andrea will also kindly reveal her biggest pieces of advice for anyone that’s struggling with their IELTS preparation:

14:11 – How to keep a positive mindset
19:41 – How your vocabulary can boost your score
23:09 – Why you need a notebook
25:51 – How to identify and fix your grammar mistakes
31:56 – How to stay productive
35:24 – Why practice does NOT make perfect!
38:21 – The best way to improve your time management skills
41:45 – Why you should remind yourself of your purpose

Andrea’s story is a very inspirational one that I believe will motivate many of you to keep a positive mindset, work hard and get the score you need.

My VIP Course gave Andrea the guidelines and feedback she needed to get her required score, but her mindset and work ethic is what guaranteed her success.

As Andrea has said in the past: “Winners never quit and quitters never win! 💪💪💪”

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Your questions answered:

❓ What course is Andrea talking about?

📚 My VIP Course – it’s an online course that connects you with real IELTS teachers for expert guidance and feedback on your work. You can learn more about it here:

❓ Can I join your VIP Course?

📚 Unfortunately, my team is fully booked right now and the VIP Course is CLOSED! To register your name for future intakes, you can join the Waiting List here:

❓ Is it possible for me to score a Band 8?

📚 Yes! However, less than ⅓ of all IELTS applicants score a Band 7+, so you need to make sure you’re getting the correct support and feedback if you want to score a Band 8 just like Andrea did.

❓ If I join your VIP Course, can you guarantee a Band 7 or above?

📚 We can’t guarantee anything – you NEED to do the work.

However, through personal guidance and honest feedback, we’ve helped more students score a Band 7+ than any other IELTS course in the world. You can watch our IELTS success stories here:


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  1. You are the most genuine and orginal of any other system.those who are telling you are fake and you're advertising it! I think they've gone mad 🙄 and real ass, you know!
    😶😶😑😑 you are angle one!!

  2. But we are studying grammar from childhood 🙄but why we are bad at english. Can you tell me?😪😪

  3. ielts advantage is the best one ,whose only intention is to meet the score ,they are straight forword.

  4. I love it when she said "you're learning to be yourself in another language". It's very true that you are a completely different person because you tend to stutter, look for your words etc… learning a new language for whatever reason can also be difficult from a mental health perspective because you can doubt yourself a lot. However with the right mindset like she has, you can learn to enjoy it more. We should all strive to speak the language of the country we live in comfortably! it's a gift to ourselves.

  5. Hi Chris…..u are so good after watching your opinion essay video ,i m surprised that ur teaching style is amazing ,now i realised that what is essay structure, before this i was wasting my time…..i would b pleased to call u "sir" because u are my teacher from now😊…May Allah (God) bless u for your efforts which u made for all of us……thank you again

  6. "Yeah, of course. O sea, for example…" Typical L1 interference. These videos are really helpful to have in mind what do and not do in the real test.

  7. Thank you so much for what you do! It is the best IELTS related source of information that I found online.
    Can I please ask you a question on WP1?
    Should I use the constructions "taking a look at the information given for …, one can discern that …", "is evident" in Writing Part 1? I heard from one teacher that the constructions like these one are unnecessary.

  8. Hello sir, good afternoon
    i have got only 5 band so that how can increase my score in all ( listening, reading, writing and speaking ) please can you give me some advice

  9. Hi i live in ankara and i have been learning english just 4 month and my level is b1 and i would like to get highest score in ielts and even i don't know my weakness so can you help me to get it .and can i prepare 3 months or less thank you

  10. Thanks Sir Chris..i am so happy you send me video like this..
    So inspiring..thank you very much..
    In my future if i am ready i take soon after my studies finish..
    #still studying Caregiving NC 2 my dream to go 🇨🇦 Canada Or United Kingdom for job purposes.😊.

  11. Thank you very much for allowing me to listen your conversation about the advice of IELTS writing.

  12. The emotional motivational speech I've ever listened )) She's replenished with positiveness and desire to share it with us )))

  13. Hey Chris,
    I just got my results… I got an overall 7 bands with L8 W7 S6.5 & R6.
    I have always been amazingly perfect at reading but don't know how this happened.
    However, the score is okay to serve my purpose.
    Lots of love to you & your entire team ♥️

  14. This is really a motivated video , which will definitely help me to boost my IELTS exam in coming days .Thanks a lot for sharing this video between us and i look forward for another video soon .

  15. Sir,i have been practicing writing essay at home…but for some personal issue I'm not able to get my essays checked from any ielts professionals…where can I get my essays checked??

  16. good Lord why do you not correct her when she keeps saying "do a mistake" over and over again. if no one tells her, she'll never get rid of that blunder.


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