Band 8.5 IELTS Practice Speaking Exam (mock test) – Elisha from Singapore 🇸🇬

Band 8.5 IELTS Practice Speaking Exam (mock test) – Elisha from Singapore 🇸🇬

What do you think of Elisha’s speaking in this practice test?

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40 thoughts on “Band 8.5 IELTS Practice Speaking Exam (mock test) – Elisha from Singapore 🇸🇬”

  1. Guys y'all have to know singaporeans' first language is English! There's nothing to be surprised about if they have that level of fluency and vocab, it's their first language after all!

  2. Whenever I see this examiner,It make me remember of my mathematics teacher,who was incredibly alluring like this one.

  3. She spoke for 1:18 in part 2…but my teacher told me to speak for at least a minute and 40 secs to achieve a higher band score.

  4. In her answer – I was exposed hot weather in summer in singapore- wont it be exposed to -/

  5. How to 1.20 second Cue card? Here Bangladesh don't have allowed 1.20 seconds part 2….here at least 2 minutes speak…from Bangladesh

  6. Part 2 good news 12:06

    So, I remember vaguely,

    a good, really good news

    that I received was when I was about 7 years old.

    And at that time,

    My mom was recently like, diagnosed with cancer,

    so I was extremely worried and sad.

    And I was confused and worried

    about what would happen in the future.

    So, the news, like, I was really happy when

    I received that she was,

    she didn't have any more

    cancer cells or tumors in her.

    And I was relieved because

    it was about a year or so that she had cancer,

    and it was, if I can recall clearly,

    it was like stage two cancer.

    So when I received the news,

    I was extremely relieved and happy,

    and yeah, it made me really also

    appreciate spending time with her more

    and spending time

    with the people that I love more.

    And that made me,

    that taught me a lot about

    quality time with your loved ones and all.

    But that, that is one of the very many,

    good news that I have received.

  7. Hallo i'm Zelia from Timor Leste
    Can i know how to get my sertifikat ielts?

  8. she always describes her personal stories, would I be fine because all part 3 questions are general topic not towards your own.

  9. This is the best channel for not only ielts speaking but also normal. We the job candidates are often nervous to face viva board for lack of fluency

  10. Hello I am from India punjab I have too much problem in prounction…how can I improve pls suggest me

  11. Why singaporean became example of IELTS test? Did they use english as their native language?

  12. hey, Chris! Excited to tell you I got a 7.5 in my speaking! overall 8 band 😀 I gotta tell you this speaking format of your series really helps visualize how the real test would be and it was comfortable. I think I lost some band when it came to vocab since I didn't use any big words. I thought using them would throw me off and mess with my fluency but I am really happy with this score! thank you so much!

  13. Please sir, help us in learning high-level vocabulary…. give us some source from which we too can speak like this one

  14. Is there anybody who has time to talk to me? I need to improve my Speaking Skill for IELTS 😔☺️


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