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English Exam Preparation Online

English Exam Preparation Online 

 Positive aspects of group learning

People often underestimate or don’t think about the positive aspects of group learning. Particularly when learning a language, learning with and from your peers is highly important. Not only for the language benefits, but also in meeting other students pursuing the same goals. Of course adult language learning, when students are often voluntarily joining language classes, is a lot different to forced language learning as part of a school. No doubt for many people from poorer parts of the world, learning English for example, is a necessity.

Surround yourself with other English learners

In life generally and as language students, our environment is very important in what we do, how we behave and what we achieve. If you surround yourself with people who have a similar desire and motivation to you, you will achieve more than spending time with people who share no desire or motivation. We learn from the people around us. People worry that you can pick up bad language habits from other students, which can happen (rarely)…but so long as there is a teacher to control and correct students, this should not be a problem and bad language habits will be addressed and corrected.

Students can learn so much from their peers. If a student has studied a language in their own country, they will most probably have been taught in a specific style, with specific books and thus have one interpretation of a language, whilst another student from another city/country may have been taught with different books in a different style and whilst the language basics may be the same, vocabulary and other aspects of the language will often be different. This offers students the wonderful chance to learn from one another, not just from a teacher. When language teachers are trained, they are often told to instruct students to do exercises in pairs, small groups and even as a whole class and it is exactly for this reason. Teacher trainers understand and give merit to the importance of students learning from each other, not just from a teacher or a book.

If students cannot remember one particular language topic from class, they also have the opportunity to ask their peers for information and advice if they cannot contact their teacher.

English Exam Preparation Online


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