First Certificate Exam Practice

First Certificate Exam Practice - The best way to prepare for the FCE

There are a number of tips and techniques that you should follow when taking the FCE. These can be found on the following pages:


'Reading and Use of English'

'Speaking' section.

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If you want to effectively prepare for the FCE, you should look at the tips and techniques and combine them with practice. Find some sample test papers, read the tips from the sections above and practice using them.

Once you have practised my techniques (above) several times with example questions, you will start completing the questions in less time.

I offer an FCE tips and techniques course which can be found here.

In this course we look at my techniques and practice using them with sample exam questions.

In my opinion, this is the best way to prepare for the exam.

One aspect of the exam students struggle with the most is the 'Use of English' paper.

Here are some sample questions from part 4 of the 'Reading and Use of English' paper.

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Sentence Transformations Examples

She did not buy the car because it was too expensive.


She would have bought the car_________________________________________ so expensive.


He managed to make some extra money by writing stories.


He wrote stories _____________________________________________________make some extra money.


My father thinks that people who watch television are wasting their time.


My father thinks watching television ______________________________________people’s time.


You won’t have to go to the meeting next week.


It will _________________________________________to go to the meeting next week.


My friend had not expected the film to be so funny.


The film was ____________________________________________had expected.


Martin has to wear his glasses to read the newspaper.


Martin ___________________________________________________wearing his glasses.


Alan’s children are never invited to parties now because of bad behaviour.


Alan’s children _______________________________________________they are never invited to parties.


It was fortunate for him that he wasn’t injured in the accident.


He___________________________________________________ be injured in the accident.


Carol is the only person I know who enjoys homework.


I don’t know______________________________________________Carol who enjoys homework.


I did not think that Peter would phone tonight.


I _______________________________________to phone tonight.


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