[IELTS LIVE CLASS] – Reading Practice (2)

[IELTS LIVE CLASS] – Reading Practice (2)

Complete a reading practice with Chris

Topic: Passive Smoking

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23 thoughts on “[IELTS LIVE CLASS] – Reading Practice (2)”

  1. Sir could we use unfortunately word in body paragraphs in task 2 bcz one of my friends told me that we should not use this

  2. I am from nepal.I have just started to watch this channel. I hope it will help me for ielts exam.

  3. ************* my question is i did not use body paragraph 3 for my opinion , instead i did it in 2nd paragraph and in conclusion is it correct way to do that ? ******************** PLEASE REPLY /////

    Question =

    some people believe that longer prison sentences are the best way to decrease crime while others believe that there are alternative ways is to decrease crime. Discuss both the views and give your opinion


    When greed and selfishness have become rampant, the prevalent trend of crime is on rice, to tackle the crime rate one school of thought believes that, one of the best approach to decrease crime is by increasing the imprisonment period while others emphasis that there are many different methods are available to reduce crime. This essay will look at both views and explain why I think shorter prison sentence is a better way to address the issue.

    A group of intellectuals assert that by increasing criminal's prison sentence the crime will be drastically decreased these is simply because when offender get to know about the sentence time period, he/she will think twice before taking any illegal activities. For instance, in 2011, UAE and Qatar have implemented this law, after that year criminals became more careful before taking actions, therefore in 2015, when Qatar took a survey, they were astonished by the result, because the crime rate had declined by 40%. hence, imposing strict punishment has much benefits.

    In my view which supports others, crime can be reduced by understanding the point of view of an/the offender and providing them appropriate help like jobs. This is simply because most of the crime that have done in past had a past brutal story. To site example, countries like Australia and UK understand the motive why offend had done, before reaching to any conclusion, in result after getting help from the government most of the prisoners might change their path in future. Thus, providing jobs and understanding motives can also helpful to decrease crime rate.

    To conclude, it could be inappropriate move to increase imprisonment to reduce crimes although there are several countries who have adapted this law, yet i believe providing jobs and certain help, with a short time punishment could be better option to tackle the issue.

  4. Thank you Chris for your hard work, we really appreciate it. Keep going like this 💪


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