IELTS Live – Speaking Part 3 – Expert Answers

IELTS Live – Speaking Part 3 – Expert Answers

Let’s talk about the importance of relaxation.
Why is it important for people to take some time to relax in the day? What can happen if people do not find time to relax?
Some people feel that keeping calm and staying relaxed is a skill that can be learned and improved. Do you agree with this?
What kind of exercises can people do to let go of stress? When is it a good time to do this for people?
Let’s talk about places for relaxation.
Where are good places for relaxation? What are the differences among these places?
Do you think it is the responsibility of people or the government to ensure places for people to relax? Can you elaborate?
IELTS speaking live class interview question example by This video is an IELTS speaking section interview questions, answers, and strategies. This playlist teaches important strategies for IELTS speaking interviews. Follow us on Facebook at This video is a part of a series that instructs the steps necessary to achieve a high score, between 7 to 9, on the IELTS question. This series will teach you the skills that will help you to be successful, confident, and to reach success on these questions during the speaking interview. Follow the instructions carefully and make sure to practice. It is important to practice a lot to give full sentence answers which reflect the grammar structure of the questions. Strategies will help with fluent language, natural language, and complex language. Enjoy. Follow us now on Twitter @aehelp

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