IELTS Speaking Band 5.5 Mock Test with Feedback

IELTS Speaking Band 5.5 Mock Test with Feedback

The IELTS Speaking test environment could be different from your thought.
You will have a test with ‘a person’, so be comfortable with an atmosphere could be the main key to get a high score.
That is why the mock test is important.

IELTS Speaking Mock Test scored 5.5 with the commentary.

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14 thoughts on “IELTS Speaking Band 5.5 Mock Test with Feedback”

  1. It's honestly soo frustrating to me, I can't speak to someone face to face with confidence, it has always bothered me because my anxiety heads up to the sky and I can't control it.

  2. It looks so easy watching how they're taking ielts exam. I wanna take like him. I think I should find speaker partner for improve my speaking skill

  3. Thanks for your videos, these helped my real test. I got band 6. I took my speaking with mask. It was really hard to hear questions and asked examiner to repeat one question twice. My grammer was not good enough but i spoke fluently and answered questions precisely. Thanks again.

  4. This Korea man he try to do best I feel that. I always cheer up him. Anyway I also do my best for study hard everyday for practice my skill. Thanks for nice video. One day I hope to get 6.5 IELTS ^^ fighting fighting 🙂

  5. In my opinion we can increase the point with some tricks such as using (by and large) instead of (usually)and ( to bu totally up front ) instead of (to be honest) ( from the outset)instead of firstly or (off the top of my head )instead of (l guess ) and (mind you) instead of (but) pls use these tricks for increasing

  6. I had a good experience for my first exam, my examiner is super sweet lady, just take deep breath and stay clam, also practice make it perfect. Hopefully everyone doing well 🌹


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