IELTS Speaking Practice: Topic of Protecting Animals

IELTS Speaking Practice: Topic of Protecting Animals

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What are we doing today, let me show you with a picture. Today we are talking about protecting wildlife. We are talking about animals in the sky, land animals, sea animals, marine life and how we are going to protect them and look after them on the planet. Actually, this is going to be the first of two lessons about the environment.


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43 thoughts on “IELTS Speaking Practice: Topic of Protecting Animals”

  1. Teacher Keith by the time your on live lesson I am at work so I have to go through your video lesson while not live.

  2. U are always funny 😄 thank u so much from Turkmenistan 🇹🇲 ☺️😅 wish u were my tutor ☺️😀

  3. Hi mate! really thorough and informative! Keep it up! I stumbled across it kind of by accident and from then on its become a part of my daily english learning routine 🙂
    But, and this is a reallly big BUT – I got this funny feeling that at the IELTS 10/10 I need to be a better english speaker then a polish speaker….and polish is my native language lol. I mean even in my native language I dont communicate on the 10/10 IELTS level, I dont use all these fancy idioms, expressions and I I do keep it simple….that leads me to this interesting point – first, I shall bring up my native language speaking/reading/writing skills to an appropriate level and then and only then I should focus on 10 out of 10 IELTS. not that I need to pass IELTS, for professional and everyday life purposes my english and spanish are enough, but none the less I wanted to raise this issue and maybe if you have time I would be more then glad to hear your thoughts on this one.
    once more, well done and keep 'em coming, the videos I mean 😉 cheers!

  4. Sir i have lot of problems in ielts speaking… So what can i do???how can i improve my speaking section???

  5. can you make a video about the vocabularies you often use when you talk in other videos ?

  6. Wow Keith! I would've stayed in the bubble and don't come out anymore! But then, inevitablely when I should've come out, I would've be like a fish out of water! 😂😂😂

  7. Hello sir, I am afraid that you mispronounced the word "species"….Pls look up the pronunciation.

  8. Hi Keith, recently I find myself watching a lot of your videos. They're so helpful for my studying IELTS. However, I think in this clip, you made some simple mistakes like you should write "reduce DEforestation" instead of "reduce forestation", or you mispronounced "enjoy" or "exfoliate" (to be more specific, the sound of the letter "e", maybe because in some regions in the UK, people pronounce those words like that ). Hope that in the next videos, you can pay more attention to those issues! Thanks a lot, from Vietnam.

  9. Good afternoon Mr Keith!
    My name is Timur, I'm from Uzbekistan, Samarkand.

    I've been watching your videos quite a long time, and I've got desparied desire to have a conversation with you, but I dont really know how to have that opportunity, that great chance, could you please help me out with that?
    If you've got a time to do so, of course.
    Take my huge apologies for taking your time.

    Sincerely your follower.

  10. Hi, Kieth. I bought your course in Jan 2020. And I decide to take the exam again for some reasons. Do I need to purchase IELTS SPEAKING SUCCESS – Get a Band 7+ again? because I am confusing the old one is out. I mean that the old one I have had may use the different topic.

  11. Hi! Im planning on taking the ielts this year. Is there a specific program that we have to study, or is it completely random?

  12. Hey sir, I’m glad that I found your channel two days ago and I thank the one who share your channel link via WhatsApp group of practicing English .
    I’ve been studying English for so long and went through a lots of yt channels trying to improve my speakers & listening skills…! But after watching ur video you talking about speaking like native I felt and knew that this will be thannel I want .. so yesterday I goes throug a lot of your videos and I’m tryna watch all of it as quick as I can .. so thank your for sharing this in a professional and lovely way that me and a lot want to be .
    Much love & respect ❤️
    Qusay from Sudan
    Shot out from U.A.E

  13. Hello Mr.Keith , Iwant to asked you about this sentence (The team members asked Kate to represent them at the dinner)is it right or wrong.please replied

  14. Hi teacher,,talking about world life,in northen Argentina ^yaguareté^,is a beautiful kind of cat.
    It is in dangerous because of its permanent chasing! peemanently!


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