Latest update on IELTS Speaking Part 3 | TRENDS, TOPICS, TIPS

Latest update on IELTS Speaking Part 3 | TRENDS, TOPICS, TIPS

I’ve taken the IELTS exam three times and would love to share my IELTS Speaking Part 3 experience with you. Get a free 10-minute lesson with Cambly ☟click to show more☟

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00:00 My experience of taking IELTS Speaking tests
03:20 A sample answer – IELTS Speaking Part 3
04:07 How to prepare for unexpected questions
07:05 Demonstrate your ability to communicate
09:00 Tips on improving your answers

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40 thoughts on “Latest update on IELTS Speaking Part 3 | TRENDS, TOPICS, TIPS”

  1. Hi !! . I have a job sponsorship from uk and simultaneously i had to do social work England registration. I need ielts academic 7 for my registration and also for my visa. Which ielts should i take? Is it UkVI or normal ielts.

  2. Hi asia,
    My exam is after 20 days from now,and I am following your videos,but there are ample of videos and I get confused which one to watch and make notes and which one to leave,my aim is to score CLB 9,but I have no clue ,how to prepare for it,what should be my schedule, how should I prepare. I am lost,I just have lost in father. Please please please guide me.

  3. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I just received my test results and I got an overall band score of 8. I am on cloud 9. Your videos really helped me in the last 2 weeks prior to the test. Thank you thank you thank you a thousand times.

  4. Hello dear teacher, thank you so much for your educational channel. You've been very helpful. I have a question for listening part. There are some questions that need only two words answers. If I write two and the answer was only one it will be marked as an error. For example, if I write the supermarket and the answer was only supermarket, but the instruction was two words. Could you help me answering this please. By the way, you need to make a video about your clothes, I love them. Thank you so much

  5. If we attend the Ilets exam and we got “6” were we should get “8” can we again attend the same ilets exam for next time and how much day it will take to take the test again

  6. Hi Asiya! This time I came to thank you.
    JUST and ONLY by watching your videos Alhamdulillah I got 8.0 overall from my ielts academic test.
    Reading:8.5 listening:8.5 speaking:8 writing:6.5
    I defo was expecting a higher score from writing and I would appeal if it was not making due but cannot be asked right now. I used all the phrases you taught and was the most confident and happy about the writing part but became among those who got stuck at that band. Not understanding the reason. Anyway, I got a higher band than my target and I really appreciate the effort and work you do here. Especially your style and manner while you provide this information. Your elegance, politeness, modesty.

    As a small thank you and contribution,
    My writing tasks were:
    Task 1 , 7 most visited countries by Australians in year 1999 and 2009 and increase rates. Describing the info.
    Task2 , for peoples antisocial behaviors such as crime, society is often held responsible. Giving opinion and advise about this issue and addressing who should be dealing with such cases and who is to blame

    Speaking: living in house or apartment.
    Outfits when going out
    When do young people choose their careers in your country, do parents have effect on their career choice, problems in society what could be done by government to solve this in education system.

  7. HI Asiya, I just wanted to say that your tips and all the things you mentioned in your videos helped a lot to get the score that I needed, an Overall band of 7 with 7.5 in speaking, I could't be more glad with my results, thank you so much!

  8. By the way, your tips for listening and reading have severely aided me as well.
    The problem that I watched your video about writing after the test and regretted it because I didn't answer all the question.
    I think my score will decline dramatically for this huge mistake 😞
    It is fine, I will keep on watching your videos and prepare myself for the next exam, hopefully, I will not need it.

  9. Hi Asia,
    You're absolutely right about everything you mentioned in this video. Few days ago I passed my IELTS test, truly, your videos have profoundly helped me.
    Though, the examiner was Egyptian, I mean she wasn't a native, and she used to judge my thoughts and showed a vivid dislike for my ideas, I was extremely confident about myself and kept focused till the end. Can't find words to describe how I'm grateful to you.
    Thank you💓

  10. Hello Asiya, I have a question regarding the ielts reading test, is it okay to write 2-word answer if the instruction says no more than three words? 🤗😉😊

  11. Thank you so much for your videos! I had 2 weeks to prepare for my IELTS and I heavily relied on your videos. I scored 8.5 overall with 9 in Listening and Reading, and 8 in Writing and Speaking. Really appreciate your amazing content!❤️

  12. Hi, Asiya!
    My name is Putri, from Indonesia. I did my first IELTS test two weeks ago, and my TRF has been aired. I'm here to share my Speaking Test topic for Part 2, which then was extended to the Part 3. The topic is about "imagination". I would also like to thank you for the tips and tricks. Your channel is totally cool! Thank you for sharing! Best of luck!

  13. Hi ma'am
    Describe a person who once apologiesed to you.
    Can you tell me how can I start
    I don't know how to explain it

  14. Even though IELTS is a standardized test, I do have a perception that the speaking as well as the writing test is subjective considering multiple external factors that would influence the examiners' assessment. This apply for the first or the second examiners.

  15. I was really helpful…Thanks for ur effort..
    I want to get in touch with you….plz respond…I means a lot to me..plz

  16. I took my IELTS exam on 1 and 5June and in part 3 examiner gave questions about politeness

  17. Hi ! I m adeel n i wanna study English, My English is intermadiate n i want a partner to study English. If any one intrested plz reply. Thanku

  18. OMG I want to thank you soo much!!! Got my results Overall BAND8!!! HONESTLY GUYS, SHE'S AMAZING!!!

  19. Good morning 🌄 From Ghana.
    I will like to join your online courses for a month as my exam is in next month. Please how do I go about it


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