Lớp học trực tiếp IELTS – NGHE (trắc nghiệm) / phỏng vấn học sinh nói

Lớp học trực tiếp IELTS – NGHE (trắc nghiệm) / phỏng vấn học sinh nói

This week’s live class will focus on listening (multiple choice) s as well as an opportunity for students to ask questions during the class.

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– IELTS Speaking – Part 1, 2 and 3
– IELTS Writing (academic and general)
– IELTS Reading

Note: the scores provided in these tests are indicative only. This video was made without the input of any current IELTS examiners, nor do we have association with any IELTS official company.
IELTS Daily is an independent, private organisation and has no affiliation with any of the IELTS companies (Cambridge, IELTS, British Council or IDP) and none of these companies actively endorses the work of IELTS Daily.

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32 thoughts on “Lớp học trực tiếp IELTS – NGHE (trắc nghiệm) / phỏng vấn học sinh nói”

  1. hello, I would like to ask you how can I practice for the ielts test properly (reading, writing, listening, speaking)?

    and what are the best resources and websites to practice for it?

    please reply to me as soon as possible.

  2. This video came just in time!!! 😭💕 I will be having a mock text next Saturday, and I realized I haven't study much for the listening section. I've been watching the writing and speaking ones, and now panicking because the listening one doesn't seem to be as much 😣 I scored pretty well for my reading last time, so I'll probably do it later 😬

  3. What would you say about my speaking skills(I was the last person)? Forgot to ask,sorry ,thanks in advance

  4. Wow you are so good at name pronunciations. A lot of native speakers butcher and murder foreign names😂

  5. Hi Chris I jux took my ielts test
    Part 1:
    Where do u leave
    Do you leave in a house or apartment
    Do you love singing ?
    What times do you sing?
    Where do you go when you want to read?
    What are the qualities of a good learning place?
    What are the most popular foods in your country
    Part 2
    Describe an occasion where you ate something you have never eaten before
    Thanks chris

  6. I think it's best to mark an x against the wrong options as you listen, then tick the correct. Making notes may be too distracting

  7. Hi Chris!
    I took my speaking test today(June 9th) and I remember part 2:

    Describe a time you helped someone
    Who was/is the person you helped
    How you helped him
    How you felt helping him

  8. Listening! I’m missed live class .. 😕
    Thanks a million Chirs your great effort.. 👍

  9. I have no strategy. I think that I just have to focus during listening and find the keywords.

  10. Thanks for today’s lesson ..didn’t get the chance to have mock test ,left me in the waiting 😞


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