My IELTS Reading Strategy 2021 | Question order

My IELTS Reading Strategy 2021 | Question order

In this video, I’ll show you a strategy that can help you find answers to IELTS Reading questions more quickly and, as a result, answer more questions correctly. Download the images with IELTS Reading question types on Telegram (#FT10)

00:00 IELTS Reading strategy
00:51 2 main approaches to IELTS Reading
03:40 IELST Reading questions that come in order
07:05 IELST Reading questions that do not come in order

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Download PDF: IELTS Study Plan (steps and resources)

Download the images with IELTS Reading question types on Telegram (Search for #FT10)

IELTS Reading HACK | True False Not given | Yes No Not given

IELTS Reading Hack | Matching Headings

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A Himitsu – Adventures:
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Download PDF: IELTS Study Plan (steps and resources)

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26 thoughts on “My IELTS Reading Strategy 2021 | Question order”

  1. Hi Asiya!! I got my results last friday. Thank you so much for your videos! I got band 7. Just watching your vids straight for 3 days. ☺️

  2. I gave my test on 10th June. My 2 minutes question was – talk about the occasion where everyone was smiling for you.

    Where it happened What was the occasion

    How you felt

    Then all the follow up questions were on smile.

  3. Asiya im just here to thank you personally, 4 weeks self study with your videos about 3/4 hours a day got me band 7.5 overall
    W6. 5
    S7. 5
    Forever grateful 🙏, b4 those 4 weeks i didn't even know what ielts was, i started with you from the introduction.

  4. I have few sample papers of reading test and I have solved two yesterday but I couldn't find the answer keys on Google so how I can find that to check my answers please reply

  5. Hi Asiya, as i intend to purchase some of Fastrack IELTS courses, i would like to know how to use the courses in prior. Thank you

  6. Hi Madam, I'm from sriLanka. I am expecting to immigrate to canada within this year. For that I started preparing for IELTS and hope to face it within next 3 months starting from today. Is that period enough for me to study?

  7. I'm sharing your videos as much as I can since I want that everybody get a chance to learn from such a skillful and industrious teacher♥️

  8. Yay!! One more video.

    I want to hear more "Hi there, It's Asiya"
    I want to hear more "Let's get started".
    I want to hear more final "Bye" with that cute smile.

    So please keep posting weekly.

  9. I cleared my IELTS back in Feb 2020 and followed your reading tips. Thanks so much 😇You are are amazing 😍🙌

  10. Hello Asiya! I just had my IELTS Academic on Sunday & received my results yesterday! I got L-8.5; R-8.5; W-7; S-7.5 😀
    I'm really lucky to come across your channel during my 2-week preparation. Your videos & examples help me a lot with many useful tips!
    Thank you very much! (≧◡≦)

  11. Hi Asiya, Thank you so much for your useful videos , especially for the speaking part !!! ❤️❤️❤️ I got my results today and I got the results that I need for university… I'm over the moon!!😊🥰


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