Cambridge First Certificate Online Lessons

The best way for you to prepare for your First Certificate (FCE) exam is to join my online lessons and combine these with self study.

Prepare First Certificate Online - Private Lessons - £20 per hour

These lessons are flexible and can focus on any part of the exam that you want. Book an introductory chat with your teacher before booking lessons.

Prepare First Certificate Online - Tips and Techniques Course (group lessons) £90

Who is it for:

Lower intermediate (B1) level English students who want help to pass the First Certificate Exam!

What we offer:

10 x 60 Minute Online Group Lessons

Approximately 5 Students Per Class

Exam Tips and Tricks!

Access to exclusive quality online and printable resources

Writing – exam practice & exercises

Speaking – exam practice, exercises & help with pronunciation!

Grammar – essential grammar to pass FCE

Vocabulary – essential vocabulary to pass FCE

Homework – 2 x feedback on writing homework

1 x Progress Report

1 x 20 minute individual chat with teacher about exam/future prospects

We do not offer refunds for missed or cancelled lessons!


About Our Lessons

The experience, strategy, tips and techniques that I offer are invaluable. Simply joining my 10 lesson Prepare First Certificate Online Course could be the difference between passing and failing the exam. I have a near 100% student pass rate, which I am very proud of. Unlike other big academies and online learning companies, I offer students personalised help to prepare for the FCE. I do more than just teach. I give the feedback and advice that you need to understand what to do to pass the exam.

To help students prepare for the First Certificate, I normally focus on the Speaking and Use of English parts of the exam in my lessons. This is because I value your contact time with the teacher. It is often easy to practise Reading and Writing on your own. However, it is not as easy to practise speaking and understand all aspects of grammar by yourself.

You should understand that while these lessons are incredibly useful for most students, if you want to pass the need to have the dedication and drive to prepare yourself outside of lessons. Our 10 lesson Prepare First Certificate Online course also aims to give you the tools and the confidence to study by yourself effectively.