Talking About Your Hometown – Spoken English Lesson

Talking About Your Hometown – Spoken English Lesson

In this lesson, you can learn how to describe your hometown in English. Describing your hometown is useful for your conversational English, and could also help you in exams such as the IELTS speaking exam or the FCE speaking exam. Improve your speaking and prepare for the IELTS with a certified English teacher with OOE:

Where do you live? Do you live in a small town, a big city, or a remote village? What’s it like? Learn how to describe these things and more in this lesson on talking about your hometown.

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1. Introducing Your Hometown 0:35
2. Adding Background and Details 2:11
3. Saying What You Like about Your Hometown 5:27
4. Saying what You Dislike about Your Hometown 8:55
5. Describing How Your Hometown Has Changed Over Time 11:53
6. Review 14:55

You can learn:

– How to introduce where you live.
– How to describe your hometown in detail.
– How to say what you like or dislike about your hometown.
– How to talk about the ways your hometown has changed.
– How to build a longer, detailed, interesting answer to describe your hometown in English!

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  1. I've watched several Oxford online English. It is worthwhile. It really suits EFL learners every level because we have learned techniques, language, and pronunciation. Moreover, teacher has a gorgeously warm speaking voice. I am teaching English to student at college in Lao PDR.

  2. I was born in Dak Lak province, i live in a small village which called "CuKuin" and far away center city about 30 km. I really love my hometown although i am living in HCM now. My hometown has many coffe farm with the farmers who live by harvest. The taste of coffe in my homtown is so famous and delicious , many people go to drink it. But the weather in my hometown is so cold in winter and so hot in summer that make residents feel uncomfortable and ill when the weather changes season. After 2 years i left my hometown it is still before like my love with it.

  3. it has been helped my learning a lot&halped me developed my speaking in skill. i would like to thank you all.

  4. I live in small town in the Philippines, these are bustling city like Bunbary. My hometown have many beautiful spot, and may you can see a big harvest of rice because we're here in Nueva Ecija "The Rice Granary of the Philippines".

  5. I live in Bhopal. It's a capital of MP. It is known as the city of lakes for its various natural and artificial lakes and for one of the greenest cities in India. I have been living there for about 20 years. It's a pretty sleepy place, to be honest.Living in Bhopal suits me. It's a quiet place and it's small enough to know your neighbours and have a sense of community. Bhopal is nice, but sometimes I find it a bit boring. There's not much nightlife and sometimes it feels a bit cut off from the wider world. Bhopal is almost unrecognisable compared to twenty or thirty years ago. The city has expanded so much, both physically and economically. It's amazing when you saw old photos of the city; things are so different now! However the soul of city is still there, Bhopal will always be Bhopal!

  6. I live in a remote village in the countryside of Quang Nam province. My village is very peaceful. Agriculture is the main source of livelihood. when we look from the sky my hometown is green because it has a lot of trees. Besides, my hometown has a lot of mountains and forests. I like living in my hometown because it's peaceful, sleepy, and air fresh. However in my hometown don't have a company or organization for work, so the young people go to the big city for work, all people who live in the village are old. The life of people is very difficult and poverty. But nowadays my hometown has changed a lot. The people start plant acacia tree which is the tree to make the paper and export woods. So people's life grows up and more relaxed.

  7. I am from Sri Lanka very nice Explanation there is no doubt .If you don't mind let little bit time to concentrate every part. Thanks For Guidance.

  8. I live in Ahmedabad and this is a famous city in the word. lots of place famous in the city for instance lal darwaja,zulta minara,sidi saiyad jali and so on.I like to live in Ahmedabad it's near a city that's name is gandhinagar.That is capital of gujarat.when i have free time i went to gandhinagar so that's reason i like Ahmedabad.that is clean city and very peaceful.

  9. I like your all videos and your technique is so amazing, that's very good work thankyou

  10. I am from panna which is located at the centre of india, famous for its diomond mines in the india and in whole world, also famous for its rich culture and ancient temples . Panna also comes in a list of UN biosphere reserves for its forests. I love living here , i have lived here 10yrs since my childhood here is a good sense of history and ancient medival history … Panna is ciyy surrounded by a hump of forest and hilly mountains . 40% of area comes under forest . But unavailabllity of proper communication and transport within and out side the city is major cause forecing people to migrate from homeland. Global company's like Amazon and flipkart sometimes avoid there delivery… There is no night life and it feels a bit cut from the global world . Unavailabllity of railways is also a factor .. kahjoraho (the uNSECO world heritage site) is mearly 109 km from there .

  11. Dear teachers !
    Home and house
    I am very confused,please kindly explain more their relation.

  12. I live in Tucheng, which is one of the districts in New Taipei City. I’ve lived here all my life and I can’t imagine living anywhere else! It’s well-known for its natural resources, especially Tung flowers. When summer arrives, Tung flowers are in full bloom. Aslo, I have easy access to other cities like Taipei and Taoyuan. But I have to say the real advantage is a bit crowded and the air quality is an issue, particularly in winter.

  13. I live in Karshi. It's a small city. It's famous thanks to the Shurtan natural gas field, which is one of the largest in Central Asia and the Khanabad military airport, which was used in the NATO military operation in Afghanistan. I've lived here since I was 3 years old. Living in Karshi suites me. It's a quiet place and it's small enough that you can get to know every place there. But there are things that I don't like about my city. For example, there are no trees, the climate is really hot and dry, so air quality can be an issue, particularly in summer. Karshi hasn't changed much as a place in the past 10 years, but mix of people is a bit different today. The population used to be older and mostly Uzbek, whereas there are more young people living here, including many people from other nations.

  14. I live in Sathkira, Bangladesh. It's a large city. It's famous for its stunning beautiful forest Sundarban. Also there are lots of ancient temples and mosques. It's well known for its food indeed. One thing I don't like is that it's really crowded and the road conditions are not so large as it would be. Fresh water supply is making the matter getting worse mainly in the summer due to the climate change.

  15. I was wondering why don't you put Arabic subtitles ?
    We need the subtitles to improve our skills ^^

  16. I live in a city I've been living there for 5years and its a bustling city and the cost of living its really high that can be quite streeful because you always think about money

  17. You guys from Oxford online english have really helped me develop and improve my speaking skills


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