Từ vựng IELTS nói / bài viết học thuật task 1 (Stacker Shoes Limited)

Từ vựng IELTS nói / bài viết học thuật task 1 (Stacker Shoes Limited)

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Free IELTS speaking videos: https://www.ielts-daily.com/speaking-pt1-rq
Free IELTS writing model answers: https://www.ielts-daily.com/writing-task-2

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We focus on the following areas:
– IELTS Speaking Band 6.0, Band 7.0, Band 8.0 and Band 9.0
– IELTS writing part 2
– IELTS writing part 1 (Academic) – bar graph, line graph, table, map, process, flow chart
– IELTS writing part 1 (General) – formal letter, semi-formal letter
– IELTS grammar
– IELTS speaking (fluency and coherence, grammatical range and accuracy, lexical resource, pronunciation)

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  1. Oh no i missed when was live((but still available, thank u Chris 4 ur efforts😊

  2. Chris, "it is shown" or "it was shown", or "it is showing"? Waiting for your correction. Thanks again.

  3. You seem to be a bit under the weather. So sorry! It's very nice of you to be here despite that. I hope you get over your sore throat as soon as possible. Thanks for your time and help, Chris 🤗

  4. Make a video on writing exams. With different word limits and how to cover an answer in fewer words around 150 words.

  5. I can't afford any material due to my financial situation and this free classes helps me a lot

  6. First time looking towards my preparation, Your channel helps to understand my difficult areas

  7. Waiting for this class for a long time, finally it has started 💫❤👍
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  8. Today I joined to class .this class going to well but somehow I had lost to catch.
    Its takes me time to understand anything.

  9. Hello, from Tanzania. 🇹🇿
    Missed the class but I'm actually downloading the video.

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  11. Yes..Room service has house keeping as a part..room service includes the food delivery too to the roon

  12. Ohhh IELTS i alwayz to wait streaming every wenesday .. i love you


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