Understand IELTS Reading in JUST 40 minutes!

Understand IELTS Reading in JUST 40 minutes!

Need an IELTS Reading Crash Course? Watch this video!

In this lesson, Jay teaches you about the question types that will appear in the IELTS Reading Test.

These Task Types Include:
Multiple Choice 00:48
True/False/Not Given 04:11
Sentence Completion 06:41
Summary Completion 09:15
Match Sentence Endings 13:40
Short Answer 17:35
Yes/No/Not Given 21:38
Match Headings 25:40
Match Information 32:16
Match Features 35:21

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20 thoughts on “Understand IELTS Reading in JUST 40 minutes!”

  1. I got band 9 in reading – academic – and my approach was to go through the whole passage while keeping in mind the questions need to be answered; the first question of each questionnaire's given was read in advance, and later once found the place in which any answer was supposed to be found was the way to move forward. I used to finish the first passage in 15min, the second in 16, and the last one 18min. I did nothing that you are telling. The powers you need if your English is proficient are: consistency, confidence, patience, stamina, and not-giving-up as English is the last one to resort to. No offense, just a personal point of view. I enjoyed the process without caring for the band, and within no time, I was able to finish the passage with no mistake.

  2. I got my results for ielts academic today.
    L 7.5, R 7.5, W 7.0, S 8.5. Overall 7.5
    This was my first attempt, thanks to E2 and Jay. I couldn't have done it without your helpful videos.

  3. Woow that was a top notch explanation 🤩 fortunately i perceived how look like reading paper is😍.obviously you were explaning obscure way to understand to anyone.it facilitated me to clearing every doubt 😍thank you jay🙏

  4. Hi Jay, Today I got my academic IELTS result which is overall 6.5. Unfortunately my writing band is 5.5. I am very upset with the score. So I have to take the test again. I have been following your channel for 3 months. I never imagine I will get 5.5 in writing. Could you please make more videos of academic writing? How can I improve it?

  5. Thanks a lot for conducting such a nice session. I really appreciate your teaching methodology to maximize the scores. I got 29 corrected answers.

  6. At 3:50 in first question, could you please explain why option ‘D’ is not the correct one.It says that people choose macadamia for health reasons.So if something is being used for health it must have some health benefits.
    I’m a bit confused here.I’ll really appreciate if you could explain it more in detail.


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