Why is my IELTS Reading Score NOT Increasing?

Why is my IELTS Reading Score NOT Increasing?

You’re doing the work, and yet your scores aren’t improving.

Maybe you have done a Reading course, perhaps you have learned certain strategies, or maybe you have completed a large number of practice tests and your scores are still not as high as you would like them to be. You’re feeling tired, frustrated, and tempted to give up.

Don’t. Why? Because the solution isn’t far away. All you have to do is watch my new video.

I understand that studying for your IELTS exam can be difficult. But with the right strategies and guidance, the process can become so much more simple.

Enjoy the video, and please comment below if you have any questions about your IELTS Preparation.


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38 thoughts on “Why is my IELTS Reading Score NOT Increasing?”

  1. Sir I find difficulty in reading, since I couldn't read faster and If I read faster than I couldn't understand the meaning. I follow all your stratigies and I do analyse my mistakes, but due to lack of reading skill , I score less. So what should I do..??
    Please give some advise….

  2. I thought the strategies is not important until I watch your video, it changed my mind !

  3. Thank you so much Sir. I really appreciate your effort to help students like me. Stay always blessed ameen

  4. Sir according to you how can improve listening module like do alot of practices test listen postcard etc plz sir tell me about it

  5. So i only have 14 days for my exams but im studing for 2 months.but only today because of this video i understood my mistakens.what should i do sirrr🙄

  6. Hi Chris you are my Guru for IETLTS..thanks a lot for that..my ielts score is Listening 6.5 Reading 5.5 Writing 6.0 Speaking 7.0 ..then what is my CLB score ..do I qualify for an SINP program …request your valuable advise on this ..thanks in advance…should I take a retest …😭😭😭 really can't think of taking another test

  7. You are such a fantastic tutor who provides each and every sort of information regarding ielts " thankyou-10000000 very much chris pell sir" you are not only sensible but also brilliant individual .

  8. thank you so much for the course as i have recently enrolled in it. i have done 7 attempts but my score always remains 5.5 in reading. now coming up to the skills and technique which you have demonstrated in the course, i am just wondering that if we take one article or passage of our own interest and we look into the article for many things and reasons like skimming, scanning, making headings for each paragraph, finding vocabulary and much more. so it is really frustrating as i have done it many times. can you please suggest me how to overcome this boredom?

  9. Thanks a lot. I was really struggling with improving my reading. Your advice has been very helpful😊😊

  10. Informative and honestly done ! Thanks for the great advice.👍🏻
    kindly tell about any of the good trustworthy real IELTS testing site or make a video of some ielts tests for ur students to practice and then share their results with you !

  11. Thank you so much for the class. Your teaching helps me to learn lots of ideas in a simple way.

  12. What types of questions in IELTS reading come in order and questions that do not come in order?. In addition, what kinda questions can be both of them? I hope you got me right. Thanks in advance

  13. Thanks for the video
    Also pronunciation is very necessary for reading and it is much needed
    Can you make video about it.

  14. Albeit I cleared IELTS in my first and only attempt even got more than required to get admission at University in UK but my reading section was worst. lowest in reading section.

  15. Hii chris .. I have question and hope you will respond my question. So my question is if in ielts writing task 2 the question ask for advantages and disadvantages do i need to write more than one advantage and disadvantage or it is ok to give one advantage and disadvantage.. Thanks


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